JENESYS 2011 Theme Song


Original song “Genki wo Dashite” by Mariya Tekeuchi

Looking back now I still can recall

The simple joys Each day would bring

Soft April snow a warm summer breeze

Your smile, your laugh, the song we’d sing

Looking through your eyes I learned how to see

A new world full of possibilities

And I will always be thankful for all that you’ve giving me

No matter how near how far apart

I know that you will see me through

Search for the feelings deep in my heart

They will bring me much closer to you

Even though sometimes we may drift apart

I know I’ll see you once again at the roads end

Though we fuss and fight there will always be

These feelings that bind me to you

I don’t know what the future may bring

The sky may turn dark and the rain may fall

But don’t you know I’m here for you

Through thick and thin I’ll always be your friend

When I’m feeling down I just close my eyes

And I feel you standing right here beside me

Thank you for the strength that you’re giving me

It’s the hope, the hope that guides me

No matter how near, how far apart

I’ll always be there, I will see you through

Search for the feelings deep in my heart

They will bring me much CLOSER TO YOU

la la la la la la la…



2 thoughts on “JENESYS 2011 Theme Song

  1. akhirnya ketemu juga lirik lagu ini, keren!!! semoga saya bisa ikut program JENESYS,,, berbagi tips juga dong untuk lolos seleksi jenesys? salam kenal yaa

    1. halo! 😀 udah punya lagunya kan? hm… tips, ya? apa ya… yang penting kalo ada kesempatan, langsung ikut aja, ngga usah nunggu apa-apa lagi! XD semua kesempatan dicoba, ngga usah mikir gagal atau nggaknya~ :DD

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