I Think Something This Night

When these ‘fantasy’ absorbing deeper in my mind. I called it ‘mirai’.

I don’t understand why did I believe in ‘fantasy’? Yea, because ‘fantasy’ brings me to life.

Talking about ‘fantasy’, I do really believe if our life is just half-real. You understand what I mean.

That’s why if we look up to the sky, sometimes we will findΒ two kind of moons. Just try. You will realize what I called as ‘fantasy’.

One moon is mine, and the other is yours. But which one is mine, which one is yours, the one who knows is… these ‘fantasy’.

Yea, for me, ‘fantasy’ is the nearest sister of ‘magic’. What magic? All is up to you.

Thank you for reading. Believe that life isn’t only along our step. Because there are two moons up there…


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